Setting up RufzXP for Trainer Mode

The beauty of RufzXP is that it can be modified, easily, to do more than test your ability to hear call signs. If you’re just getting started with CW you’ll want to use RufzXP to help you learn letters, words and numbers. The CRITICAL POINT is set up the program in Trainer Mode by following the instructions in the attached PDF. Doing so will save you a great deal of frustration.

One of the key points to keep in mind is to run FIXED SPEED when setting up in Training Mode. Focus on getting 95-100% accuracy before upping the speed. There is no harm in periodically running the speed way past your comfort level. This is helpful in keeping you moving along the learning curve. However, return to a speed that will allow you to do a test run with high accuracy, bump your speed up and do that until you again hit 95-100%. Repeat. And again, occassionally, run the speed way beyond your abilities and just listen.

Always remember accuracy transcends speed. My most useful experience in the CWOPS classes was when the advisor explained to me that my goal is to get a sense of joy and accomplishment in my body for a given test speed. Pause and remember that feeling of accomplishment, then move on.

Otherwise you end up beating your head against the wall trying to go faster and faster only to be seeing more and more errors and that’s how you end up feeling frustrated and wanting to give up.

The other feature of RufzXP is that it keeps score AND SHOWS YOU what letters you are having trouble with. No other program does this

RufzXP appears to be able to use just about any text file, and in any location but you may want to start with using the default PRS subdirectory after you have installed it. I am attaching a Zip file with quite a few sample text files if you decide to go this right. Use those as examples of what you can do y ourself by exporting text files from your text editor or EXCEL. NOTE: If Rufz is complaining of a duplicate in your file,then there is a duplicate,
whether or not you see it, and it must be removed.