Learning CW – Two Journeys – Straight key vs Paddle

Many thanks to Pat W5WTH for his willingness to partner up with me for a presentation at the 2019 AustinSummerfest.org August 3. The room was packed with over 40 people . I was unsure of the level of interests around learning CW until now. Clearly, many people have a desire. The following link takes you to the session page for this talk.

Learning CW is a skill that will change your way of thinking – IMHO. You’ll love the fact that you accomplished something difficult and unique in this day and time. You’ll appreciate how useful your new skill is someday when major communication infrastructure is down for whatever reason. Even if you never need it for an emergency, you’ll be part of a select group of people that know Morse Code.

Your mind will sharpen as a result of commiting to this practice. I can glance at a series of 6 numbers now (like during 2-factor authentication texts) and remember the numbers when I type them in for verification. In fact, everything in your mind will sharpen up as a result. Be proud. Have fun.

The presentation with notes is attached here. And the notes from setting up RufzXP are in the post below. For those of you attending the presentation, you will remember I stressed how useful a tool like RufzXP for learning because it keep score and shows you where you can improve. Personally it’s one of my favorties along with Morse Runner (which we did not have time to discuss given it’s not specifically for beginniners learning CW.)

Setting up RufzXP for Trainer Mode – see post below.

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